Welcome to FutureTraders!

Future Traders is a full-fledged learning platform for anyone wanting to learn to be a Trader and/or a Market Maker and experience the rush of an active trading environment!

Our trading simulation is fast, fun, and engaging. We utilize a unique mathematical and informational ecosystem to optimize the learning experience and exponentially speed up the learning curve. We use scaffolded levels of increasing complexity and excitement and provide exposure to many investment products such as Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Options, and Crypto Currencies. Our goal is to create savvy investors and help them learn how to trade with an edge and master the Markets.

What is Future Traders?

Use our Multi-Dimensional Learning Platform to quickly learn the skills to trade any financial product! Learn to react to important news events using the most exciting trading simulation ever invented to quickly learn the skills of a trader and market maker!

Professors: Use our simulation to turn any class into an active trading floor to exponentially accelerate your students' learning curve and make your class more fun!

Students: Try our demo to experience the rush of an active trading floor to quickly learn the skills of a trader and market maker while competing against your peers to make the most profits!

Future Traders is an interactive trading simulation in which students compete against peers and/or bots to generate the greatest trading profits. Future Traders employs insistent design and scaffolded gameplay to encourage a multi-perspectival understanding of financial markets, one that helps students better understand the complex and sometimes contradictory strategies that ultimately determine financial success. It combines the strategy and probability theory of card games with the skills of a financial trader and market maker. Designed to be portable, persistent, and fun, Future Traders serves as a model of how complex questions of financial literacy can be taught through digital gaming.

In this version, students can trade stocks and bonds and experience the role of both a trader and a market maker at various levels of complexity. In future versions, we will add many additional financial products such as Crypto currencies, Forex, Commodities and even teach students how to evaluate and trade derivatives on all the available financial products.

Why is Future Traders important to your course?

Future Traders offers an invaluable tool for instructors and students in many disciplines on many levels. Finance instructors can use it to teach students the mechanics and strategy of trading stocks, bonds or any other financial product. Students will experience the roles of a trader and a market maker and quickly grasp concepts such as market efficiency, relative value, expected value, and many other concepts crucial to advanced financial literacy. Economics instructors can utilize Future Traders to simulate macroeconomic and geo-political events and their effect on interest rates and bond prices. Management instructors can use Future Traders to teach negotiation strategies. Psychology instructors can utilize Future Traders to analyze behaviors such as fear, greed, and risk aversion. Statistics and Mathematics instructors can use it to teach basic through advanced mathematical concepts.

Utilizing Future Traders to ‘game-ify’ your class will increase student engagement and exponentially speed up the learning curve. Unlike other trading games where students have to trade real stocks in real time and therefore need a long time-frame to see the implications of their decisions, our unique mathematical and news event ecosystem bombards students with fast breaking news events they must immediately react to and make many trading decisions within a 2-minute trading round. They then get instantaneous feedback on the consequences of their evaluation and trading decisions thus leading a super-fast learning curve.

Students will develop strong negotiation and valuation skills. They will learn situational awareness and practical mathematical concepts, trends and patterns. Order flow related supply and demand concepts will be utilized and reinforced.

How to utilize Future Traders in your course

Future Traders is objective, measurable and easy to administer. It can be used on its own or to supplement any section of a Finance or Economics class. When introducing an overview of the stock or bond markets, you can have students read the future traders tutorial and take one of the lower level quizzes to reinforce the concepts learned in class. Once they pass the quiz, you can assign them to play the lower game levels at set number of rounds. For example, you can require every student to play 10 rounds as a trader and then as a market maker. In this fast-paced trading floor simulated environment the rounds are only 2 minutes long. Giving students a few minutes after each round to analyze their trades and learn from their mistakes, you can have multiple games in a very short time span.

Through game play, students will master the underlying mechanics and mathematics of complex trading strategies. They will learn how markets work, how to use bids and offers, how to recognize trends, how to understand liquidity, how to evaluate the impact of news events, and how to react quickly to new information.

You can quickly evaluate how well they mastered the material by seeing their quiz scores and the profit or loss from the rounds they played.

You can then repeat the process for the more advanced rounds, where the news events will be more challenging and you can even set up a class competition to see how the best trader and market maker is and give out extra credit for the top performers.

We plan to have a large competition in November where we will issue prize money and other incentives for the most profitable traders.

Please try out the demo version of our award-winning game – FutureTraders to experience rush of an active trading environment.